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Behavioural Goals List (Examples) & Guidelines

• Keep the affirmations (Goal Oriented) in present tense
• Let it reflect an action that can be measured
• Do not use words like DON’T , NOT Etc
• Do not use words that reflect issues and negative emotions in your sentence like – anger, irritation, low confidence, fear etc
• You have to use the opposite of the issue as that is you goal
and hence the goal statement. E.g ‘I’m not getting irritated
with now becomes ‘I’m now peaceful when dealing with..’
• Don’t use very broad generalized goals like “I’m always
happy” rather make it specific like “I now speak only the
positive side of my relationship which is making me happy” –
so you can measure the action

• Keep the rules of day 1 (Affirmations) in mind while making it and repeat your Goals Statement as the affirmation for the day.
• You can choose 2 statements, or just one and even add the
previous days affirmation on change

Some examples of Behavioral Goals are –

• I now have fun moments with my family daily, which is
strengthening my relationship
• I now speak positive about my work/business and future which is creating a positive frame of mind

• I now create many joyful moments during the day which is
keeping me vibrant and happy!
• I invest time in exercising everyday, which is improving my health
• I spend quality and fun time with my family. I laugh more and live a joyful life
• I focus on improving myself in all areas of my life giving me great results
• I talk positive about people around me which is making me
peaceful and I manifest great results in Life.
• I focus on the positive side of Life which is enhancing my
optimistic attitude
• I now enjoy eating healthy food which is now improving my health
• I now take new initiatives at work

*** Best is to create your own Goal Statement as you can
specifically focus on your Goal.

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