Top Content Creation Tools

Top Content Creation Tools

If you are thinking of content creation tools for your internal organizational trainings, this article is for you to get hold of FREE tools. These tools will surely make your job of content creation much easier.

Content creation is the most critical but time consuming activity in the whole L&D Process. It is like communication skills, nobody teaches you the same in the academics but it is needed in all the roles that one has to perform in the job. In short, nobody officially trains you for the content creation, you need to find your way, as you go along. That is where we are going to help you and make your job easier by sharing below FREE tools.

Creation of Presentations (PDFs or Images)

PDFs or images are the new presentations. If you are creating them in your laptop using PPTs/Keynote, STOP doing that immediately. This is because your content creation is a continuous process. Your presentations/content is going to evolve as you go along. To manage those updates, it will be very difficult, if you are using PPTs/Keynotes on your laptop. First you will have to search those files, edit them and then again update them onto your LMS or software your are using for the training.

Simply avoid this by using Canva.

Create the content in canva which is a billion dollar enterprise with 25000+ templates. They also offer you free storage upto 5 GB. You are going to keep your content on their cloud (within your user account) safely and securely. In addition, you can enjoy their vast number of templates and the BEST practices/tools of content creation. The BEST thing is, You can start with canva for FREE!

Recording of your videos with presentations

No content is complete without a video and that video becomes much better, if you are talking in the video along with the slides. Doing this is not easy as you need to get hold of a tool for the same and unfortunately there are many different tools available making it complex to choose. Canva’s talking presentations make you job easier. Simply go to your canva account and type in “Talking Presentations” in the search box. Check below video for more details :

Question Creator Tools

No training is complete without a test. Unfortunately creating test is the most time consuming. Many times, it is even more critical than the content itself. We have seen many people struggle with question creation. Here are few FREE tools which will generate questions automatically using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for you :

  1. PrepAI
  2. Lumos Learning
  3. Quillionz
  4. DeepQuiz

We hope this blog is useful to you. At GetAConnect, we are on a mission to use Common Sense and Technology for ‘Everyday Learning’. We can Scale Up your business using Training and Development. Do check out more here and book a demo call with us to know more.

Thanks for reading and our BEST wishes to you for your future!

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