Why your business should stop being ‘Person Dependent’

Why we should stop depending on people GetAConnect.in

A company STARTS with good people but most of the times it STOPs because of the same people. Avoid becoming ‘Person dependent’.

Life has always been dependent on ‘superheroes’ since ages. Remember good old Indian Cricket? Well, there was nothing ‘good’ about that old cricket except the man, Sachin Tendulkar. He saved India at many places. We were so much dependent on him those days.

In his era, the only person other than him who used to earn a confirmed place in the team was, in a way, Anil Kumble.

But a chain is as strong as its weakest link. 

This ‘over dependency’ began to change gradually with the onset of Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman and so on. Today we are NOT dependent on one single person.

Even though Kohli looks invincible, this team is much more than Kohli as an individual. 

What has changed?

Nobody can command a guaranteed monopoly in the Indian cricket today. That was an era and this is an era. Indians used to love cricket the same way. That love has not changed. What has changed is the cricketing infrastructure.

IPL brought a glamour even to first class level and with glamour came the all important money. It lead to an amazing platform to train people at scale. 

All because of this, today we are not loosing our sleep even if one individual is not part of the team. In fact many more are waiting on the bench with a vigour to perform. 

Let us expand this to corporates.

Can you do the same thing to your business? Of course yes. You need to add glamour, competition and infrastructure to train your people at scale.

It is natural to humans to keep all the power with themselves. People on an average fear of getting replaced. To create a system to train people at scale is hence very critical if you want to scale up your business.

A company STARTS with good people. No doubt about that but most of the times it STOPs because of the same people. This happens if you encourage only a few of the heroes lead the show all the time. This moves towards the ‘person dependency’ and becomes a major hinderance to scale.

While conventional wisdom tells us to depend on great people, the same is becomes a half truth when you want to scale up. We should stop depending on ‘personal heroics’ by creating an infrastructure that will train people at scale.

I hope this information has helped you to ignite your mind to what should be done to help you take your business ahead and take that all important first step to achieve scale!


Feel free to add your views in the comments below.

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