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Attract & engage potential customers, employees & partners at scale with latest Learning & Marketing Technologies.

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The Tsunami of CHANGE has arrived

Digital Disruption is going to kill businesses without notice.

Digital Disruption Tsunami of change Digital Disruption GetAConnect
OutLearn with GetAConnect

The only way to survive, rather WIN, is OutLearn.

OutLearn, not just learn, because it is not just about “acquiring some skills”, but about “reinventing how business is done”.

Reinvent the way you do business with GetAConnect

It demands re-positioning of your L&D like R&D. This will need your own Corporate OutLearning Practice sponsored by your CXOs, not just HR function.

Build your own
Corporate OutLearning Practice

Latest Technologies

(LMS, SaaS, Cloud, Calendar, Groups, Internal Mobility)

Deliver business capabilities at scale by not only delivering your trainings automatically to your people but also deploying them to internal projects, assignments or jobs.

Ready made LMS with relevant Non LMS features

No Set Up

No Maintenance

Unlimited Hosting

Unlimited Courses

Unlimited Learners

Unlimited Certifications

No Administration Hassles

Easy Content/File Uploads

Intuitive Authoring

Employee Learning Calendars

Groups/Forums (Social Learning)

Easy Progress Tracking

Employee Internal Projects/Job Placements

MultiLinigual (70+ Languages supported)

Domain Knowledge

Use of BEST Practices

Use our innovative Learning & Marketing applications (use cases) to effortlessly Capture, Nurture, Onboard and Train (CNOT) and Certify your Customers, Partners and Employees.

Innovative Learning & Marketing Applications (USE CASES)

Consulting to Design your own OutLearning Practice

100% Tech Support (Includes Course Upload Support)

Your Brand Display/Customizations

Start in minutes

Regular Software Updates

Access to our OutLearning Research Insights

Not just an LMS, but a Long term OutLearning Partner

Tools/Templates and Consulting to find strategic areas to focus and OutLearn

Tools/Templates to build Playbooks

Tools to find which skills to focus on as an organization for different roles

No Risks

No Data Risks, No Financial Risks

With us in picture, you bear no risks at all. With the FlexiPlan you can even try out our product for INR 500 ($ 8) per user per course.

Pay as you go

75% Savings

Anytime Easy Exit

100% Secure

Easily Scalable

100% Privacy

GDPR Compliant

Don’t just Survive, LEAD

Don’t just survive in this tsunami of change, but LEAD the same by having OutLearning as your secret weapon.

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Ride the wave with GetAConnect

How it works

Find where to OutLearn

Find out key capabilities that make your company outperform. This is where you must OutLearn. Other capabilities can stay tactical. Create/Collate your content accordingly.

Upload your content

Training material with test questions & passing criteria to be entered on our platform. Either you enter it on your own (its easy!) or we enter it for you

Add/Remove users at your will

You add/remove your users using your login. User learn on the go, at any time, on any device. No need to pull them out for training

Monitor their progress

Check out your users’ progress in the courses, their performance in the tests and the awarded Certifications (customized with your logo)

Innovative OutLearning Solutions aka Content Funnels (Use Cases)

GetAConnect, Scale up your business with Content Funnels

Attract Relevant Leads, At Scale, On a Budget

Forget Blogs and your worries of ranking them in SEO. Personalized Content Marketing at Scale is possible now! 1) Simply create assessment quiz relevant to your potential customer on a specific topic relevant to your offerings and begin the first step of your consultative selling at scale. 2) As per the scores participants get, map them to next level of customized content in the form of a course (this can simply be a mix of your existing blogs) and nurture them almost for their lifetime.

GetAConnect Product Demo 5

Engage your potential customers with a customized content (aka course) and corresponding groups almost for lifetime

Forget time consuming webinars and the disconnect with audience, post the webinar. Engage your potential customers with a customized content (aka course) and corresponding groups, where you can discuss relevant topics, take feedback, develop products jointly with potential customers.

Automatically Onboard your customers, partners and employees at scale

Onboard your customers and make them sticky with automated product trainings. Similarly onboard your partners/employees well in advance, automatically and at scale.

GetAConnect Product Demo 4

Deliver your trainings automatically

Easily build corporate playbooks where your customers/partners/employees can be trained at scale on a budget.

GetAConnect Product Demo 6

Every successful TEAM has Playbooks, which make them a GREAT TEAM. Similarly every successful COMPANY should have Playbooks to make it a GREAT COMPANY.

Attract stakeholders with quality content which is personalized, delivers quick value to them and that too, for FREE making leads stick to your brand.

You first TRAIN people on the required skills and if found suitable, HIRE them. In the process you not only build a talent pipeline but also a community of potential recruits leading to substantial cost savings for you.

Not only onboard your customers to improve the Product Adoption but also make them sticky with Automated Product Trainings and corresponding group/community leading to your own Customer Tribe. Use the same to get customer feedback and build products they want.

Use our ready made courses created by professionals to build skills of your employees

Many More

Create your own OutLearning Solution using our Corporate OutLearning Platform

Get A Connect with your Competitive Advantage

*60 unique tips/tools/templates/assessments to Scale up your Business, L&D, and Career

Product Demo

What our Customers say

Be with the CHANGE, Don’t fall behind

*60 unique tips/tools/templates/assessments to Scale up your Business, L&D, and Career


(for Businesses)



  • Pay as you go
  • 1000 Leads ($75 for Next 1000 Leads)
  • 1 Admin Login
  • One Online ASQ
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Attempts
  • Unlimited Branding
  • Progress Reporting

(for Businesses)



  • PER COURSE (50 Enrollments)
  • Pay as you go
  • 50 Enrollments ($7.5 per new Enrollment)
  • 1 Admin Login
  • One Online Course
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited ASQs
  • Unlimited Certifications
  • Progress Reporting

(for Businesses)



  • PER GROUP (50 Enrollments)
  • Pay as you go
  • 50 Enrollments ($7.5 per new Enrollment)
  • 1 Admin Login
  • One Online Group
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Forums/Discussions
  • Zoom Integration
  • Group Notifications

(for Academies)



  • Pay as you go
  • 10 COURSES ($75 per new Course)
  • $125 Per Instructor Login Per Annum
  • Multiple Online Courses
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited ASQs
  • Unlimited Branding
  • Access Controlling
GetAConnect Contnet Funnels Pricing

Be with the CHANGE, Don’t fall behind

*60 unique tips/tools/templates/assessments to Scale up your Business, L&D, and Career

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