Unless you measure, it doesn’t improve. To improve your training effectiveness, you must measure the right KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). It will help build competition and motivate your trainees to perform.

The ultimate secret to making anything a success, is to measure it that too easily. The measurement must be easy and automatic, if possible.

Following are few of the time tested principles which can be used in your training and development plan to increase its effectiveness.

1) Certification :

Delivering certificates to participate after completion of a training is a very effective method to encourage completion. It increases involvement of learners and even creates a healthy competition. With the LMS, you can even provide individual customized certificates for each training that you offer. Make the most of this technology in your training and development process.

2) Leaderboard :

Maintaining the leaderboard of the top scorers in a course can lead to competition and motivate learners to participate effectively. This is a great tool to identify the stars in specific skills.

3) Feedback loop :

A feedback is useful if it is constructive and timely. In today’s world, technology will ensure that you can collect the feedback on any trainings in a timely manner. It also helps as people tend to be more open in a online environment which is less confrontational. Using feedback properly is a well know secret to improve any process, Training and Development is surely not an exception.

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