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Sugar Control : How good are you at it?

Welcome to a comprehensive, yet simple, Diabetes Management Quiz! Find out how good are you at your ‘sugar control’!

Sugar Control

Can you effectively control sugar levels and explore the potential of ayurvedic treatments for diabetes?

In this assessment, we’ll delve into essential topics that have been searched for thousands of times each month, including diabetes management, self-care, controlling sugar levels, and treating diabetes with ayurveda.

But before you take the assessment test, let’s understand what parameters are important to control your blood sugar.

Blood Sugar Control : Important Parameters

We will go through all the important parameters which will help you control your blood sugar naturally.

1. Diet

If you want to control sugar with one thing, it is your diet. This is the topmost critical parameter. It is mainly what you eat in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. How much is your fruits and vegetables intake, the more it is the better it is. Your intake of junk food, aka whatever is tasty, should be as minimum as possible.

2. Sugar Intake

This is nothing but the habits of eating that we have in the day. In between our lunch and dinner, we take a lot of Tea/coffee breaks. Some people even consume sugary beverages. All that is going to affect your blood sugar.

3. Outside Food Intake

We all go to hotels and restaurant. Going there once in a while is good, but think of canteens. Think of the packaged food items that you have stored in your fridge. All that is nothing but the outside food intake. Outside food is especially bad, especially the canteen/street food, because you don’t know what the content it has. Keep it in control to control your blood sugar.

4. Exercise

This is the second topmost thing, after diet, which is going to help you control your blood sugar. It is because, whatever you eat, is consumed due to exercises. If your daily job is seating on chair, you must do exercise daily. If your work itself demands you to move, you are lucky. Keep a daily/weekly routine to exercise to control your blood sugar levels.

5. Yoga and Meditation

This is the subset of exercise, but it has its own unique advantages. Yoga and Meditation takes care of your mind as well as body. The way allopathic medicines accelerate your recovery from diseases (but they have side effects), yoga and meditation accelerate effectiveness of your exercises (but they simply don’t have any side effects).

6. Average Sugar Levels

In technical terms this can be measured in a laboratory. It is called as Hb1AC. But understand the concept. Whatever we eat, increases our sugar levels. What is the average sugar levels that we are maintaining on any day? Only have a good fasting sugar is not enough. Your average must be good to keep your body organs such as eyes (retina), kidneys etc. healthy.

7. Monitoring Frequency

Nothing improves unless you measure it. You must keep a track of your blood sugar levels regularly. This is going to motivate you to follow diet and exercises to keep your sugar in control.

8. Medication, if any

If you are on a medication or insulin, it is recommended that you consult your doctor regularly. This is because, they can reduce your dosage/medicines, if you are controlling your sugar naturally with diet and exercises. Remember, taking medicines carries its own side effects. If you are controlling your diet naturally, it is always good to reduce your medicines. This is nothing but the reverse diabetes.

9. Medication Vs Natural Treatment

Carrying the earlier point, you must trust that diabetes can be reversed naturally. Of course, medicines can help you but that is in case of people who just can’t exercise. If you are good at your lifestyle, this is possible to do with natural treatment. Have a faith in it. It has given excellent results to those to trust it and then work on it.

10. Stress Levels

This is the third topmost parameter which is important after Diet and Exercises. Stress levels, if high, do make you diebetic. There is a misconception that it doesn’t. Controlling your stress levels is extremely important to control your blood sugar levels.

11. Sleep Effectiveness

This is the most underrated parameter. Sleep is the most important thing because it rejuvenates your body and mind. It matters a lot not only to control blood sugar levels but also to control your life in general.

12. Addition, if any

Addiction is a strict NO to protect you from any disease including diabetes. Addition of alcohol in specific is extremely bad for diabetic people. The problem with it is, once addicted, it is very difficult (but not impossible) to come out of it. All you efforts on the above parameter will go waste, if you don’t have control on this single parameter. Never stay addicted to anything in life, in specific to alcohol, if you are diabetic.

Having looked at the important parameters to control your blood sugar, are you now ready to assess your control on them?

Test your knowledge and skills in this comprehensive quiz, designed to assess your expertise in managing diabetes. Discover valuable insights into your health management practices.

Let’s begin and see how well you fare in the world of diabetes management!

Its a 12 question test which covers all the important elements that control our sugar levels such as diet, outside food intake, external sugar intake, exercise, yoga and meditation, Monitoring of the sugar levels, Stress levels, Sleep effectiveness, Medicines and Addiction, if any.

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