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How to imbibe the seven habits of authentic people?- to be deleted

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How to imbibe the seven habits of authentic people?- to be deleted

Are you a good listener to others? Do you try to see the emotional motive behind their words before coming to a conclusion? If you think you can practice more on these aspects, try these next time when you are in a situation of someone saying something that you are not in entire agreement with. Try to really listen to him/her out while keeping your mind silent and mind not giving out judgements internally while he/she is speaking.

How much time do you spend alone in a day? This should be a time spent by choice and not put by the situation like while driving or eating lunch. Make it a habit to spend time alone everyday even if it is for 20-30 minutes.

Are you self-sufficient when it comes to basics of life? For a week, do all your chores by yourself. Focus on the fact that you are more liberated than ever before. True independence is not that one has enough money to buy everything, but that you yourself can manage your own life at its core.

Recall some life experiences that you value a lot. Why did you value them so much? How can you create more such experiences, even if in different forms and manner?

How often do you feel tired and stressed out? List down the top 3 energy drainers in your life? Have you thought of how you can eliminate them from your life? Eliminating is not always possible, but reducing the impact? Certainly should be. Can you think of few steps which can reduce these negative forces? Make a plan for 3 months and see the results after 3 months. If not working, revise the methods. Never give up till these energy drainers are no longer on the top 3 list – or no other factor with similar impact.

Like in the video, adopt any one new ritual that will help you in your life path of success in personal or professional life. For example, daily self-reading with the aim to upgrade your skills.

Take a pledge to listen to yourself carefully and adopt a new hobby that resonates with your true self.

How to imbibe the seven habits of authentic people?- to be deleted

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