The ABCD of Life

Not only our online life starts with the Alphabet (aka Google), but our offline life also started with the Alphabets! The moment we started talking, our parents began to teach us the ABCD. We started connecting with languages from the word go. The alphabets came together to become words, words got popular with phrases, phrases announced a ‘get together’ to form sentences, sentences marched together to form paragraphs and paragraphs stood in line to make a story. A lot of such stories went into our memories and start representing our life.

Each one of us started with different alphabets as per their mother tongues. I started with अ, आ, इ, ई , few with ABCD and so on. This variety is so large that, in India, almost every 50 kms there is a substantial change in the language. Almost everyone knows minimum 2 to 3 languages here. Few scholars even learnt 14+ languages. The more languages you know, the more edge you have, simply because you can connect with more people.

The pen became mightier than the sword.

Even WARs were fought because of the words. A slightest spark of dissatisfaction can be easily exploded using the fuel of words.

These are nothing but the ‘Programming Languages’ of humans.

The pen with music became a song and turned out to be even mightier. It started going into the subconscious directly. Music has no language. No training of words needed.

To add to music came the ‘Drawing’.

As they say, Drawing is the language of an engineer.

Perhaps, this is the first language that initiated the progress of the mankind.

Drawings gradually became pictures.

All this together formed a killer combination and the AUDIO-VISUALS took control of our life.

And there was more to come.

As we started talking with machines and the languages added a completely different tone. They exploded. C++, Java and what not. The one who can talk with machines, is now enjoying the POWER.

The code became mightier than anything else.

Everything that we could not have imagined, started becoming a reality. These new ‘Programming Languages’ have just started to change the world. Hopefully for the better, and the BEST is definitely yet to come.

Today most of our time is spent learning something or the other language. Be it the traditional communication language with other humans or the programming language to make those machines work for us or the body language to read what languages don’t talk or the new breed of ‘online dialects’ be it the use of emoticons or multiple short forms IMHO 🙂

Whatever it is, languages are unique to humans. No one else talks in this universe. Even the Sun silently works day in day out. It is we humans, do all the talking.

We are something special because we have the power of ABCD in our arsenal.

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3 years ago

Very well written

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