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The life without constraints

The Life without Constraints GetAConnect with Life

Sadhak, my five year old son, watches Motu Patlu whenever he gets control over the remote. In fact, I too watch it whenever I have time (sometimes I take out time just for that!). Even my dad joins us many times. We just love it. What a brilliant cartoon they have made. They fly with a fan on their head, they fight so hard that they go into space and come back, the Furfuri Nagar is so clean that you simply envy it, whenever they fall from sky, nothing happens to them. There are no constraints that Motu has. He can pull out a win against all odds.

We love cartoons because they actually reflect an ideal world.  

When I did SSY long back, there was one exercise to write about your Ideal world. I don’t exactly recall what I wrote then, but while thinking on this topic, I recalled that exercise. If I do it now, everything I will talk of will be without constraints. Everyone in this world will have a lot of money, a really good health (Corona is gone! And will never come back), education is not equal to STRESS for students, everything is clean outside, not only roads but the minds of people, there are no frauds, no thieves, in fact police are thinking of downsizing because no one is committing a crime, everyone is getting a job the moment they are passed out, young generation is taking care of older generations happily and so on…

Husshhh! What a feeling! Life without constraints will be great. A dream world. A Utopia!

But is it going to happen? No way…

The way, we are now saying about corona, that we have to live with it, we are already used to live with constraints. Right from the space inside our mother’s womb to the square feet that we buy or dream of, from the too much time we spent studying to too less time we spend playing, from always long work hours to always short sleep hours…

And to be honest, we don’t like constraints. 

But the fact is, we will not value free air, unless we are on a ventilator. A game becomes a GAME, only due to constraints. Constraints give you a sense of achievement once you get there. They stretch you, they make you better. 

Life without constraints will be boring. There is no fun without constraints. If everyone is having a lot of money, there is no fun in being rich. The more constraints you face in life, the stronger you become. 

But they should not be too much, other wise, they will drain you out. As they say, money beyond a point does not serve the purpose, similarly, constraints beyond a point are not helpful. 

Too many cooks spoil the show. This is important for a society. If people are so poor and are facing constraints, every now and then, in achieving the basic things in life, they very rarely rise like a phoenix.  But of course, few who do rise, become role models for generations. 

In summary, we are spoilt not by constraints but by over choice. Constraints in fact reduce your choices and bring focus in life. Focus actually helps because you have nothing else but that one thing to achieve. All your energies, if invested in fighting against it, make you go into a state of meditation, give it a fight and get a feeling of achievement after you remove that constraint. 

The fun is in climbing the hill and not going up there in a car. 

Accept the constraints you face, not only accept it but love it!

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Rekha Hunnargikar.
Rekha Hunnargikar.
4 years ago

Hello Chanakya, You are great! A very good write up! It’s worth to be added in the textbooks for students in schools/junior colleges! You have perfectly expressed your mindset! Congrats!Keep it up!!

Ameya Panshikar
4 years ago

A vast topic that was very well compressed and explained through fun examples.
I enjoyed the read!
Keep up the content!

Chaitrali Panshikar
Chaitrali Panshikar
4 years ago

Nicely written!

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