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What is it that makes people achieve the impossible?

We are all so different outside but inside we are all the same. We are all striving for something or the other in different phases of our lives. Today I want this, tomorrow I want that. Seldom we look back and smile with satisfaction. We are always running.

Truly speaking, we all work really HARD yet most of us are not perceived as successful. Why?

Because we don’t run for our own vision. We run for others. We run to prove that we have arrived. We run to make us look OKAY. We run not to feel embarrassed. We run for the sake of winning battles, not the war.

To look at the war, one needs to rise up from the battles and see from the top. We just don’t take time out for that. Winning every battle takes away a lot of energy. Understand that you don’t have to win every battle. It might make you look like a winner but deep inside your battery will drain.

This is the starting point of success without satisfaction.

And even few of us who have ‘really powerful batteries’, will become successful, they are always in search of satisfaction.

Success is external, satisfaction is internal.

Success without satisfaction is meaningless. Success + Satisfaction is worth trying for. Very few people achieve that and the only way you can achieve that is to run for yourself. 

Run for your own Vision, not for others.

Now what is a vision?

You become what you see. A vision is a dream that you want to achieve in real life. You most of the times see yourself with that happened. You crave for it so much, that it actually becomes real, not exactly the way you want, but more or less similar

Visioning is the most powerful tool to inspire action.

Vision should be exciting, compelling, positive, big enough and should stretch you. It normally comes from the heart, and from the brain. 

Give yourself time to dream and nurture that vision.

Nothing good in your life has happened without you striving for it. It first happened in your mind and then in real life. Same will be true for your future. Have a dream. Have a Vision!

Feel free to make your vision clear, positive, compelling & big enough so that it stretches you & most importantly excites you.

Visioning is so powerful that it will make your journey to the goal not only bearable but lovable. And you will come out of the race with others.

Run for yourself, NOT for others!

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