Hi , The fourth step to scaling up your business is “Training and Development”. It is all about Training and Development of your all the stakeholders, at scale, that too, on a budget. Let’s apply our Scaling Up Framework to the ALL the stakeholders aka the whole organization.

Training & Development of your organization using Scaling Up Framework

training and development

Task at Hand

Training & Development : Training & Development of entire organization.

For Whom

Your organization needs to be absolutely clear about why trainings are needed and for whom it is needed. It should be ready with L&D use cases specific to your organization. This includes all Training & Development needs of all of your stakeholders, be it, customers, partners or employees.

By Whom

In this case, although HR or L&D Function/department are owner of the Training & Development of the organization, they need to collaborate with almost all the functions because every function owner who wants to train their employees needs to coordinate with central function such as HR or L&D to plan the trainings of their people.

Collaboration of all the organization with HR or L&D function is at central to effective planning.

How to DO

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All the Trainings should be using Industry BEST Practices such as easy anytime anywhere access, motivation to participants, fun and lean element, social learning, privacy and security.

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1) Which Trainings and at what priority : Your organization needs to be absolutely clear about the process to find trainings required and subject prioritization. This is important because there are a lot of functions involved in this.
2) Technology Maturity : Your organization needs to be much ahead in terms of the use of new technology effectively for L&D purposes
3) Existing Training Content Coverage : Your organization L&D programs should be covering almost all the training needs of your organization
4) Content Creation Easiness : Your organization should be having processes and technologies to create training content very easily

How to Measure

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Leadership Alignment : Your organization leadership must be absolutely clear about the need for the development of people and looks at L&D as an investment and not an expense. Their KPIs must have Training & Development as a priority.

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Effectiveness of existing trainings : This should be part of the KPI of HR/L&D Team as well as that of the the respective function heads. Existing training programs planned by your organization needs to be absolutely effective.

How to Motivate

For Whom

Do you have a Certification for your course?
Can that certificate be shared on social networks?
Do you have tests with gamification elements such as Leaderboard of top achievers?

Think of all such points and even more to identify innovative ideas/solutions.

People Alignment (Trainees) : Your organization need to motivate people wanting to get trained, on their own. (e.g. KRAs, Awards, Internal recognition mechanism should be well in place)

By Whom

Motivate your company employees to create more and more useful and updated content to onboard the customers.

People Alignment (Trainers) : Your organization need to motivate people wanting to train others, on their own. (e.g. KRAs, Awards, Inernal recognition mechanism should be well in place)

Take this Self Assessment Test to know where you are w.r.t Content Creation

Take this Self Assessment Test to know where how well you are motivating your employees to create training content

How to Automate

For Whom

Explore all possible automations you can think of to make your stakeholders consume and share your content.

By Whom

Similarly, can we automate or semi automate the activities done by your content creators? Be it content creation, content delivery, tests and certification etc.

We have a Detailed Course on this topic at the link below. Enroll NOW for FREE :

Training and Development Process : A step by step guide

Now take the below Self Assessment Test. Use the score and the result displayed to identify the improvement opportunities.

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