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L&D Assessment for your Organisation

Before we start the L&D Assessment for your organisation, Let’s first understand what Corporate L&D consists of and what are its elements.

Corporate Learning and Development (L&D) consists of following important elements :

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1. The Why of Trainings :

Your organisation should be absolutely clear about why trainings are needed and what specific Use Cases they will address. This helps in setting clear goals and objectives for your Corporate L&D program.

2. Which Trainings and at what priority :

Your organisation should be absolutely clear about the process to find trainings required and prioritize them based on their importance.

3. Leadership Alignment :

Your organisation leadership should be absolutely clear about the need for the development of people and look at L&D as an investment and not an expense.

4. Technology Maturity :

Your organisation should be ahead in terms of the use of new technology effectively for L&D purposes.

5. People Alignment (Trainers & Trainees both) :

How to build a learning culture in your organization? “Teaching others”. Yes, Teaching others what you know creates a culture of Learning.

Your organisation should be ahead in terms of people wanting to get trained and people wanting to train others, both, on their own.

6. Existing Training Content Coverage :

Your Corporate L&D programs should be holistic and cover almost all the training needs of your organisation.

7. Content Creation Easiness :

Your organisation should have processes and technologies to create training content easily.

8. Effectiveness of existing trainings :

Existing training programs planned by your organisation should be effective, in the sense, they actually make an impact on the work after the trainings are delivered.

Do you want to know how good is your Corporate L&D?

Let’s now start this quick and yet comprehensive L&D Assessment for your organisation!

It will be helpful for you to understand where you are as an organisation. This is a baseline assessment of where your Corporate L&D is today.

Simply select the answers of the 8 questions and you will get your score along with our assessment of where you are. 

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