Use Case : Customer Onboarding

Onboard your customers and make them sticky with Automated Product Trainings

Customer Onboarding

Improved Customer Adoption

Create Customer Champions

Effective Roll Out

Get rid of Mundane Manuals

Training Automation

Customer Feedback

Certified Product Champions

Create Focus Groups

Deep Customer Insights

Customer Success

Customer Tribe

Build your own Customer Tribe

We are your technology partner to deliver your product trainings automatically in languages of your choice (70+ languages) for your customer onboarding at scale and on a budget to scale up your business

How it works

Step 1 : Your Customer Onboarding (Course) Content

You give your training material with test questions subject qualification criteria, if you want to certify your customers e.g. Microsoft can certify Microsoft Office users for their software

Step 1 : Your Customer Onboarding (Course) Content

Step 2 : Entry in our system

We create an awesome course, utilizing our expertise of onboarding best practices. (You can also do the course entry from your login, if you want)

Step 2 : Entry in our system

Step 3 : You pay as you go

You buy the course licenses online as per the participants you want to train. You add/remove them from your Group Leader login on our portal.

Step 3 : You pay as you go

Step 4 : Automatic Course Delivery

The course is then automatically delivered in online mode to your participants. You have three optios for delivery. Either you deliver all the course material on day 1 or you decide to drip the content automatically every day or you drip the lesson 1 on day 1 and drip the lesson 2, if the participant completes/passes the test of lesson 1.

Step 4 : Automatic Course Delivery

Step 5 : Participants Learn / Get Certified

Participants complete the course when they pass the required tests with the passing criteria as decided by you and are awarded an individual unique certificate, automatically appearing in their individual login dashboard.

Step 5 : Participants Learn / Get Certified

*While doing all this, the participants data & the course content is NOT seen by others. Bare minimum data of participants is demanded by us.

*You can also collect feedback from the participants with a quiz dedicated for the same purpose.

*All Participants will be part of a social group and you can use this group/forum discussions to connect with your leads/customers better.

How it looks like

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