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Myself in Brief

I’m a qualified Instructional Designer who loves her job and have nearly 9 years of experience working in the field. I also own an arts and crafts business to satisfy my artsy itch. I have lived and worked in many countries and companies respectively, which gives me excellent exposure to various trends in the learning field and also enables me to get a full-spectrum view of the market around the globe. An avid traveller who experiences life through experiencing various cultures, food and landscapes.


Instructional designing, painting, an avid movie-watcher and partial critic-on-the-couch.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe there’s a content overload on every topic/subject in today’s time due to easy access to the internet. Therefore, it’s important for a teacher to corroborate it, tailor it to the objectives of the learner who is taking the course, treat it for maximum engagement and finally enable him/her to apply it to the real world. My approach is to put to use various educational physicology theories and strategies to treat the course content while leveraging the ever-changing technologies that is changing the world rapidly.

Graduation Degree/Institute

B.Sc (Chemistry)

Post Graduation Degree/Institute

Master in Educational Technology – Computer Application

Total Work Experience (Years)



Instructional designing, educational technology, learning designing, educational psychology, learning theories, teaching theories, web-based learning, e-learning, classroom training, technical writing, social learning.

Primary Details

First Name

Sony Johny



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