MQ Assessment : Good



Hi ,

Your kid is doing GOOD. There is a high probability that with proper training, s/he can take up music further. Even if s/he does not take music as a profession, music will be part of his/her life and can be very handy buddy for him/her in future.

Note : For Category wise guidance, please refer the table below and click on the relevant category score which you have received in % as above)


  0-40% 41-60% 61-80% 81-100%
Pitch (सूर)
Rhythm (ताल)
Sound Listening

Tips to increase love for Music :

1) Keep your instruments open and accessible 24×7

2) Watch & Listen to Musical Shows, Movies etc

3) Play musical games with family e.g. Antakshari

4) Perform wherever possible



Note :

1) High scores are indicative of a promising level of talent; low ones may often be due to misunderstanding of instructions or some upsetting circumstance and should be treated with caution. In any case, the results of testing should be supplemented by information from other sources.

2) If you feel the score is completely out of sync, please reappear for the test or if there is a great passion and kid is motivated to excel, keep on spending time and efforts on his/her interests. There is a high chance that the efforts will pay out

3) If you have too much variation in sectional scores, go for the one which is the highest

4) If you have consistently scored same % in all sections, explore which you feel right to focus on or focus on all