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If you enroll for a Group Registration, a separate group will be automatically created and the user making the purchase will be set as the Group Leader. The Group Leader can add / remove a students from the group, from his account and monitor the progress of the team members. If you are representing a Corporate or an Institute, Please buy using Group Registration. 

If you want to buy for yourself individually, you will be enrolled as a participant and be part of a normal group for the course.

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It has been proven that, being good at anything takes a combination of theory as well practice. We have designed this course which makes you ‘acquire’ this skill by using our Micro-learning & Social-learning techniques.

Our motto is not to bore you with jargons and theory which is difficult or non-intuitive to implement.

Our basic philosophy is Micro-learning & Social-Learning.

Miro-Learning :

As a part of this course you will get the knowledge in the form of messages/tips/tools/techniques/simple exercises.

Social-Learning :

As a part of this course you are enrolled into a group related to this course. Feel free to share your learnings & experiences on the group forums. You will be part of this group for your life time and can contribute and learn from others anytime in future.

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Ayurcin Biogenics Pvt. Ltd.

This course is perfectly designed for it’s purpose. Especially the chart is amazing and it helped me a lot in prioritizing my decisions. Keep bringing up such amazing courses! Thank you GetAConnect!