RISE – 21 Days Breakthrough Course

There are a lot of HOT skills out in the new technology world. Of course you must be building few of them well and learn to program the machines. But amidst all this, we often miss out on one thing. The PROGRAM that runs our own self. Yes, the mind which run us, we often forget to 'program' our own mind. This course is going to help you do that, more precisely, help you PROGRAM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS to unleash your true potential and help you experience a successful as well as a peaceful LIFE. Enroll now!

Course Creator : Harrish Sai Raman

Amidst the rat race, we often miss out “To PROGRAM our own MIND”. This course is for that to improve your health, wealth & relationships

Harrish Sai Raman

Leading Hypnotherapist, Life & Spiritual Coach – Driven over 2000+ Seminars & Webinars – Awarded ‘Training Leader of the year’ by World HRD Congress & ET Now – Featured in Forbes India 2020 – Awarded Tp 101 Coaches by World HRD Congress – Master practitioner of Kinesiology, NLP, Transpersonal Regression Therapy and more – Coached more than 500 individuals – Known for his High Energy Sessions with Insightful Humour

The Course ‘Promise’

1) Remove Inner Blocks and Strengthen the 3 Pillars of Life – Health, Wealth & Relationships
2) Improve Relationships at home and at work
3) Experience more Happiness and Peace Within
4) Experience ACCELERATED professional growth
5) Empower, Coach and Guide others effectively
6) Become an ‘Inspiration’ for others in Life
7) Manifest ‘mega’ opportunities and possibilities in Life
8) Gain strength – Emotionally and Mentally
9) Experience Mindfulness

Why does this course produce such POWERFUL results?

The Power of Synergy – All ingredients of this course produce magical results within 21 days due to the synergistic approach. Gradual progress is possible when you make small changes with consistency. However, when you need to bring in a quantum shift in your life you need to combine powerful techniques and strategies at a level of conscious and subconscious mind. This does not require a lot of time but a combination of methods which becomes a part of your ‘daily living!’ which raise your inner vibrations in the shortest possible time!

Why should you Enroll for the experience?

Every human has a beautiful scope of improvement in every area of Life. These possibilities are experienced either by shattering current blockages/problems and/or raising your current vibrations where you are able to manifest and experience better experiences in the areas of – Health, wealth and relationships. While a lot of people (average) don’t find the need to trigger this possibility and continue living and average/mundane way of living some ‘take action’ and live life in its true essence. They experience a better flow of income, peace of mind and a better state of mental, emotional and physical health. This course is for the ones who believe in higher possibilities and believe in gifting themselves a beautiful transformation and a plethora of possibilities.

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Course Includes

  • 22 Lessons
  • 6 To Dos
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