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    Tool to prioritize and make choices in your life

    The new 21st century world is full of over choices. Be it a home, a car, a graduation, a college, a job, a career, a soulmate, a dress, a restaurant, food inside that restaurant, a life insurance, a car insurance and so on and on and on. It can not be summarized in black and white. Many times we take decisions intuitively. It is rather suggested to choose ‘fast’ with intuition for some choices which do not change the track of our life. But for important decisions where major investment is needed from our side either of our time or efforts, one should ‘apply mind’ and take a decision. These are the choices which make our life. In this course byte, we will find out how one should ‘prioritize’ and be WISE to choose. Enroll now by clicking at the tab below!

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    Training and Development Process : A step by step guide

    Building a product is easy, but building a company out of that product is difficult. That is where training and development comes in picture. Training and development is by far the most under-rated function in the organisation and so is strategy on the other side. Strategy is only 5% of the time, for remaining 95%, its execution. How effectively the organisation talk & listen, to customers, employees, vendors, dealers, franchises et al. is what actually scales up a company. Trainings are actually to help your people do their job better by providing what they need and when they need it. This step by step guide is to help you do that.

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    What successful people actually do

    While there are few things to be done just to stay above the water i.e. get a job, money & get settled, there are few to achieve greater heights, to be a role model for others, to live a dream, to go for stars. This course byte is for those who want to do later & realise their full potential and do wonders in life. Getting a good job, money, status etc will be just one of the outcomes. The real outcome will be a successful & satisfied life. Sounds interesting? Enroll now by clicking at the tab below!

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