How to make a lasting First Impression on your potential customers at scale

How to make a lasting First Impression on your potential customers at scale

In this blog we will understand why a good first impression on your potential customers is critical in business, what are the basic components of it and how to do it at scale in this online world.

Why ‘First Impression’ on Customers :

The first impression is critical in business because it sets the tone for the future relationship with your potential customers or partners.

First impressions tend to have a lasting impact on people’s perceptions. It takes just a few seconds for someone to form an initial opinion about you or your business, and that opinion can be difficult to change. A positive first impression creates a strong foundation for building trust and credibility.

Customers make their purchasing decisions based on their first impression of any brand or company. While there is always the possibility that you can repair a poor first impression, it is much more challenging to change a customer’s mind once they have already formed a poor impression of your company or brand.

When there is a bad impression of your brand, they are less likely to make a purchase, and if they do, there is a higher probability of buyer’s remorse. Therefore, it is crucial to make an effort to create an excellent first impression and start a new relationship with customers on a positive footing.

Basics of making a lasting first impression :

Let’s look at basics of making a lasting first impression :

  1. Showcase your authority on the subject : You just can’t fake it. If you are genuinely interested in solving your customer problems, you will surely find a way here.
  2. Provide Quick Personalized Value : Find the problem of your ideal customer relevant to your offerings and deliver a relevant quick personalized value to them. Basically its give, give and give.
  3. Earn Respect : Once you do steps 1 & 2 above, you earn their respect.
  4. Build Trust : This is an ongoing process. It starts because you delivered quick value in the first interaction itself, but you need to continue the same in different forms in future interactions as well.

How to do it at scale?

That’s a million dollar question. Till now, businesses have been making great first impressions by using a consultative led selling approach, although in an offline mode. Here you take your potential customers through solving their problems/answering their questions to the ultimate outcome of selling your product or, to be honest, recommending a better solution that solves or might solve their problems. It has been quite tricky to do this at scale.

But now with technology at our disposal, we can do consultative led selling at scale. Yes, that is possible! At GetAConnect we have built our product exactly for the same.

You can now automatically Deliver Personalized Content to your target customers at first interaction for FREE using a combination of Assessment/Survey/Quiz (ASQ) Led Marketing and Education Led Marketing. That is the Next Level of Content Marketing for Lead Generation.

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Make a lasting First Impression on your potential customers, that too, at scale!

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