Training Challenges : Technology Challenges related to Training People at Scale

Training challenges Technology Challenges with Training people at scale

In this blog we are listing down the Training Challenges related to Technology, that your Corporate Learning & Development faces along with the solution that Software as a Service-Learning Management System (SaaS-LMS) offers.

The real job of Top Management in the long run is nothing but “Training People at Scale”.

It has never been so relevant because of today’s fast changing world with AI. The need to train and up-skill your customers, partners and employees at scale has never been greater.

Yet, CXOs struggle in finding the right solution for this. Mostly because of multiple challenges they face.

Let’s look at the Training Challenges related to Technology, that your Corporate Learning & Development faces.

They say Software is eating the world. But now you will know why SaaS is eating the software.

SaaS eating Software

If you are short on time check below video which lists all the Technology Challenges that your Corporate Learning & Development faces.

For their resolution, please read the complete article below.

Technology Challenges related to Training People at Scale and their resolution with SaaS LMS:

1. Cumbersome Technology Set Up :

Training software is very complex to build due to the innate nature of CDCTO features which is our acronym for

  • Content (entry/upload)
  • Delivery
  • Community (for engagement)
  • Tracking
  • Output (practical implementation from learnings)

Instead of you building this cumbersome technology, why not rent it out from experts!

2. Time Consuming Maintenance :

The burden of manual maintenance can stall training momentum. Instead you doing it, let your SaaS LMS vendor handle that, freeing up your valuable time for enhancing training content and strategy.

3. Boring Course Entries :

A lot of software is bought but not used. Mostly this is because of something silly. Administration of the software, although it is easy now a days, has become a mental block. Your people will take time to adjust. So to adjust this, why not your software vendor offers you a service related to this? If they enter the course content on behalf of you in the system, you are ready to go.

4. Complicated Content Hosting :

Content hosting is a very big topic. It demands very high technology skills to strategize, implement and maintain the hosting. With SaaS LMS this headache is gone. Your vendor will take care of it for you!

5. High Investment :

Traditional training models often incur hefty costs. With SaaS LMS, you pay as you go. The flexible payment options are the major reasons why SaaS gives you excellent return on investment (ROI). This is the main reason why SaaS will be eating software in future.

6. Different Individual Needs :

Customization and Personalization are the need of the hour but they offer technological challenges. With SaaS LMS you will not only be able to upload content under your own company brand name but also address different individual needs of your learners.

7. Multilingual Stakeholders :

Globalized business landscapes demand multilingual training solutions. Getting this configured offers more technological challenges. But today’s SaaS LMS platforms can accommodate diverse linguistic needs by supporting multiple languages. This inclusivity ensures that all stakeholders can access training content in their preferred language.

8. Lack of Industry BEST Practices :

If you build your own training technology platform, you will not be able to incorporate Industry BEST Practices as they are very hard to come by. If you outsource this technology to someone who is doing this day in day out, you are in a way subscribing to their domain knowledge which continuously keeps getting updated due to their wide base of customers. I will rate this as a top deciding factor in taking a call to use SaaS LMS compared to building your own technology.

9. Cyber Threats :

In the age of digital risks, cybersecurity cannot be ignored. SaaS platforms can prioritize data security through encryption, robust authentication, and regular security evaluations.

10. Scalability Issues :

Organizations must be equipped to handle expanding training needs. SaaS LMS solutions are purpose-built for scalability, effortlessly accommodating growing learner bases while maintaining optimal performance and experience.

11. Data Privacy Concerns :

Data privacy compliance is paramount in every organization initiative. Today’s SaaS LMS platforms can adhere to stringent privacy regulations, fostering trust among learners and stakeholders regarding the handling of their data.

12. Shortage of Right Team/Experts :

Noting in this world happens without right people. If you involve right team from the start, probability of you going much ahead of others increases tremendously. With SaaS format, you can easily outsource the work and utilize those extended capabilities for your benefit.

Conclusion : How to resolve Training Challenges related to Technology

Let experts do their job and you focus on your core competencies.

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