What is Consultative Selling?

What is Consultative Selling and how to do it at scale?

In today’s world of social media, where everyone is talking about their own self, there is a dire need to make businesses think of their customers. Once you think of your customers and try to talk with them to genuinely to solve their problems, you are on right track. This is nothing but the Consultative Selling. 

In a sense, it is not new.

The real business happens when you don’t talk business.

This is an age old open secret to do more sales. Unfortunately, the way the common sense is uncommon, so is this open secret. 

Let’s deep dive more into Consultative selling, a form of selling that we have long forgotten, in this blog.

What is Consultative Selling?

Consultative Selling is the form of selling where you actually sell something by NOT selling anything. Its all about giving value to your potential customers, right from the beginning.

When does the process of Consultative Selling start?

In the first interaction itself. You need to provide some quick value for FREE. If already known to your potential customers, it can actually help you attract them to your brand.

How does it work?

Once you helped your leads at the beginning, you then engage them by providing more value regularly. It works wonderfully well, if you educate them to solve their complete problems (not just limited to the solutions you provide).

Why it works?

Selling happens only when the buyer trusts the seller. In this case, you have already educated and consulted your leads so much that they start trusting you. In future, if they need to buy anything related to what you sell, there is no question that they will buy from YOU.

My customers are much more in numbers. I can’t afford to do Consultative Selling as it demands a lot of customer insights and hence a lot of time, money and energy. I can’t do it as it is not scalable…

It is true that Consultative Selling demands a lot of time, money and energy. But in today’s digital world, we can do it at scale. Today with so much technology available, you can easily do it at scale.

Check here to know more about how you can do it.

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