While we have touch based upon the future trends in respective lessons, it might have been missed out or simple hinted at but not explained in detail, hence this lesson because we can’t ignore on the future of learning.

Following are some of the future trends which you can’t afford to ignore :

1) Post Covid-19 World :

Coronavirus is going to change the world. It already has started doing it. One of the most prominent trend seen Post Covid-19 is Work from Home. Due to this, online learning is going to increase like anything. No only businesses but schools, colleges and individual learners are also going to use online learning as a way of life. Any training and development can’t ignore this trend. But in addition to this Covid-19 is going to change a lot for L&D. Check this blog to know more : What will Covid-19 change for L&D?

2) Multi Lingual :

With the world getting more and more ‘introvert’, the use of local languages is likely to increase. In addition to that, most of the blue collar workers are not comfortable with English and this clearly indicates that vernacular languages are going to be in vogue. All this is also possible with the technology. Training and Development function can’t ignore this trend, rather they can use this to increase the training effectiveness.

3) Micro-Learning :

What we learn and the way we learn is not going to help us adapt to the changing world. We need to radically transform it. Learning should be simple, relevant, easily accessible and in small doses everyday. Micro-Learning is exactly that. In addition due to technology, learners are in control of what they are learning. This is going to be real game changer as Micro-Learning lessons being small can be easily searchable and learner can search them as and when they need subject information on the job.

4) Social-Learning :

Social learning is learning in groups. This is anyway a highly successful mode in offline mode but the same is going to continue in the online world. With the feasibility of learners creating different groups for different topics and discussion on those using forum functionality with access to the content for lifetime, this is going to be a great source of learning.

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