We apply lean to everything, then why not apply it to training and development of your organization. Let us ponder over this important point and find out some tips on how lean learning can be implemented in your organization.

Voice of Customer

When we think of lean, we first think of voice of customer. In simple terms,

Training should help your people do their job better by providing what they need and when they need it.

Taking this as a guide here are tips to implement lean learning in your organization :

1) Eliminate Unwanted trainings :

List down existing trainings and rate for priority, which we already did in the earlier lesson. But now the main work here is to eliminate unwanted trainings which are at the bottom of the list.

2) Categorize Mundane and Non mundane trainings :

Mundane trainings are routine on boarding type of trainings where there is no special human skill of the trained is needed. In fact such trainings should be 100% automated. Normal onboarding processes, use of admin related software etc. can be easily taught by machine. New online learning is well equipped to do that. This will reduce the load on human trainers who can now focus on important skill based trainings where coaching and mentoring is also needed.

3) Remember that Content is NOT the king, DELIVERY is.

Understand what is the real differentiator. Today’s world is full of information, but information does not mean Knowledge. Knowledge does not mean Wisdom. What we all need is an effective and efficient DELIVERY of that information, so that the relevant content is reaching to the relevant audience and leads to action! Delivering the content when needed to employees helps. In addition to this the Micro-Learning also helps as the consumption of content is easier for the learner.

4) Encourage Peer Learning

Human beings tend to learn more from peers than from teachers. For any training program ensure that you encourage the social learning aspects. Social learning is now also possible in online learning where online groups can carry forward the classroom learnings in forum discussions and keep the learners engaged for life. Enourage social learning and peer learning to make the learning much more effective.

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