The people involved in training and development is the MOST important aspect. We will think of both the trainers and well as trainees. The context is changing too fast with technology and following are the important points you need to think of :

1) Training Outsource or Insource? :

The people have been at the receiving end till now in training and development but with technology in terms of online learning and social forums in picture, it is possible to build a group of trainers inside the organization. There are multiple benefits of having trainers from inside the organization in terms of cost savings, 24×7 access to trainers and bonding between employees. Of course not everything can be insourced, but with help of technology you can surely think of insourcing as a viable option.

2) People Manager vs Project Manager :

You can think of an organization structure where project manager will only think of project success (which is project centric and can be short term or long term) but people managers who think of people as human capital. They don’t worry about project but think of people and their development, A people manager role is in short a kind of a senior mentor to the employee. If you add this role in your organization, this will be the most effective training process.

3) Future Workforce :

With the next generation using mobiles like anything, it is but natural that they are going to have learning habit which are going to be much more online friendly than anyone has seen till now. With this workforce increasingly getting active in the jobs, training and development function has to imbibe the technology and online learning as a core tool for delivering trainings. There is actually no debate on this front and considering the efficiencies that use of technology in training offers, there is an urgent shift happening towards the new way of learning.

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