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Burn Everyday. Learn Everyday.

everyday learning

Me : You are boring man. Go, prepare for half marathon. See your neighbour, he is preparing for it since last 3 months.

Myself : Hmmm, I respect him for that.

Me : Plan to do something for your physical health now.

Myself : Yes, and also something for mental health.

Marathons are mushrooming these days and are doing a great job to heroicize physical health but what about mental health? A physical fitness can be measured and is seen by all but a mental fitness is only felt deep within. It gives you the power to enjoy your duties on the earth, be it office or work. While our body can grow only to an extent, our mind can grow infinite. Let us maintain our body through everyday exercise and at the same time nourish our mind through everyday learning. Learning has kept us going since we were a child. It comes naturally to us, otherwise you could be staring at a wall instead of reading this in your free time. But everything in moderation is good. The way you plan your daily diet & exercises for your body, plan some reading & thinking for your mind as well.

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