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Earning mentality Vs Savings mentality

earning mentality vs savings mentality

Me : Your are a poor negotiator. You could have negotiated more with that lady while buying the vegetables. Look at others, they got it so cheap.

Myself : I don’t care. I only negotiate for really high value items. I prefer to save TIME for thinking on how I can EARN more instead of SAVE more.

Me : interesting…

Myself : If you focus on savings, you have a limit. But if you focus on earnings, you have no limit.

It is all about mentality. Savings mentality is so ingrained in our cultures, that we negotiate heavily (many times for pennies) and spend our valuable time but forget the potential to use the same time judiciously for thinking (& exploring) about earnings. Most corporates train their employees to save, save and save. They rarely train their minds to earn. Savings mentality is ok when your growth is limited and the only option to improve profit is to cut cost. It was relevant in our earlier generation of people and industries but for you and me and today’s industries where you can sell to the globe, earnings mentality should be prominent. While this not to undermine savings mentality, it is important, especially critical, when you are on a bouncy pitch and don’t want to get out and stay in the game. But getting runs is equally important to win. And you get runs only when you explore different shots. SAVE more but EARN even more!

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