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SIPs for your own L&D

Me : Slowdown is really hitting everyone.

Myself : Auto sales numbers are bad. Plants are going on holidays. Economy is doing badly. Stock Markets are down.

Me : Yes, should I stop my SIPs (Systematic Investment plans)?

Myself : Of course not. The whole idea of SIPs itself is to invest regularly, especially in the down time.

Me : But now people are saying it will again go down.

Myself : It might. But who cares. Law of averages will take care of it. Never stop your SIPs. In fact, start doing SIPs for your own development as well.

Me : SIPs for your own development?

Myself : Yes, SIPs for your own Upskilling. You must invest in your own training regularly.

The SIPs are not only meant for finance they are for life. They are for you education, health, diet, even environment. You name it and they are relevant. Do try to apply them in each and everything that you do in life.

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