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Training : Not an expense but investment

Training : Not an expense but investment

Me : I am a good parent. I always make sure that I do home work of my kid…

Myself : Wrong. You are a bad parent.

Me : Why?

Myself : Your job is NOT to do your kid’s homework. Your job is to make him do the homework and let him enjoy doing it.

It is exactly the same for a manager as well. Don’t do your employees’ work.

That is what leads to Micro-management, the most hated word used in the corporate canteens.

Instead spend time in training & motivating your team. This might take some time but it is worth the investment.

Remember, Training is an investment than an expense.

Just like investments, your trainings give you compounding returns over a period of time. If you do your employees’ work today you are crawling towards 1X output, but if you train and make them happily enjoy the work, you are gazing at 10X.

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