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What is it that makes people achieve the impossible?

What is it that makes people achieve the impossible?

Me : What is it that makes people achieve the impossible?

Myself : Well, there is no one secret sauce. But I surely know one of the habits that makes it possible

Me : What is that?

Myself : Power of Visualisation. Not Dreams per se but the Vision.

Me : Vision?

Myself : A vision is not a vague wish or hope but a mental picture of the result you want to achieve – a picture so clear and strong that it will help you make that result real. It’s a picture of the real results of real efforts.

Visioning is the most powerful tool to inspire action. Vision should be clear, positive & big enough and should come from the heart, not the head. Don’t try to think your way to a vision. Let your vision come to you. To create a vision that’s exciting and compelling, you’ve got to give yourself the freedom to dream.

Nothing good in your life has happened without you striving for it. It first happened in your mind and then in real life. Same will be true for your future. Have a dream. Have a Vision! Feel free to make your vision clear, positive, compelling & big enough so that it stretches you & most importantly excites you. It is so powerful that it will make your journey to the goal not only bearable but lovable.

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