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How should I create trainings that stick? 

Me : How should I create trainings that stick? 

Myself : What do you remember the most from your school memories? 

Me : The fun I had with my classmates, the first award that I received, the moment when I was embarrased in my class, the moment when I told stories, the jokes that our teacher cracked, the way they talked and we mocking them etc 

Myself : Nothing related to what you learnt from your teacher? 

Me : No, absolutely nothing. 

Myself : See, we went to school to learn academics but what we learnt is something else. That is the power of SOCIAL LEARNING. Human beings tend to learn more from peers than from teachers. For any training program ensure that you encourage the social learning aspects. Social learning is now also possible in online learning where online groups can carry forward the classroom learnings in forum discussions and keep the learners engaged for life. Enourage social learning and peer learning to make the learning much more effective.

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