why do we fail

Me : Why do we fail?

Myself : Because we fail to adapt.

Me : Why we fail to adapt?

Myself : Because we don’t manage the CHANGE well.

Me : And why we don’t manage the change well?

Myself : Because we underestimate the CHANGE MANAGEMENT.

We all are human beings and are irrational. We overestimate CHANGE and we underestimate the CHANGE Management. We only look at 10 Kg reduction in weight in six months, but we don’t look at the daily discipline of diet and exercise. These small steps are overlooked. We don’t build a process around it. We start getting dejected because we wanted too much too fast. Gradually we forget it. Suddenly on 1st January of next year we realise it and we again get pumped up. We again do the same thing. And we REPEAT. Let us observe this while it happens with all of us. Let us respect the change management MORE than the change itself.

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