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Tasks are important, People are more important

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Skills Economy

Me : Be perfect in whatever you do

Myself : Yes, I treat each and every task with due respect

Me : But I have not seen that. I always see that you take care of your people more than the task at hand. You are lenient.

Myself : I am ok with 80% accuracy in whatever my people do. 100% accuracy leads to unsatisfied people. Nobody wants that. Tasks are important but people are more important.

Most of us are brought up with a belief that we should do everything perfect. This somehow makes us think that ‘tasks are important’ which can inadvertently get extended to a feeling ‘tasks are more important than people’.

If you study organization structures, you will find that historically it is the Operations department which has largely enjoyed the power compared to the HR. Even though not perfect, this did no harm to organizations mainly because tasks were mundane. They were not changing much. They were low skilled.

But if tasks are changing, rather increasing in difficulty and demand high skills, people performing them become much more important.

That is what is happening today. I call this as a #SkillsEconomy.

We are now moving from Low Skills to High Skills. Low skilled jobs are now taken over by robots with high skills remaining open for human beings. HR will now gain POWER in an Organization. Tasks will not be more important than people. They never were, but more so today, and tomorrow.

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