Skills Economy

Me : I had never seen a factory, when I was in school

Myself : How come, you were learning in factory itself!

Me : ??

Myself : We did not go to schools. We went to education factories.

And the main aim of going to these factories was to join some another ‘factory’ and make a living.

Unfortunately, it is still true today. But the fact is the new factories are now changed.

What they wanted earlier were low skills but what they need now are high skills. High skills are combination of soft skills and hard skills.

Factory model is still suited to take care of new hard skills because they are easy to measure. But for soft skills, which are difficult to measure, we need customization.

We need to radically transform the way we learn.

In short, what we learn and the way we learn both needs a radical transformation because we are entering an era of what I call a ‘Skills Economy’.

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