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How to make everyone write blogs in your organisation

How to make everyone write blogs in your organisation

Me : No one in my company writes a blog for the company 

Myself : Hmmm…That is the problem everywhere 

Me : Do you have any ideas to make them work? 

Myself : First is keep the technology you use to enter content as simple as possible, meaning anybody should be able to use the subject authoring tool without much expertise.

The whole point here is to avoid the barriers to content entry in system. Second : Give them a standard operating procedure such as how to write content, where to search for images, how to create infographics, where is the data w.r.t. your company etc. If you do this, people will write. The point is not that they don’t want to write, they want to have few things readymade and, in addition, they should enjoy the experience.

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