Me : You were a merit student in school but in college you got degraded… You could have achieved more marks.

Myself : Yup, looking back yes. I could have done much much better.

Me : So why did not you do it then?

Myself : Somehow, It was not fashionable to study everyday in college and unllike schools, the study was really more.

Me : You should have kept it simple. Daily routine and a decent ear in the class makes all the difference.

During my engineering days, I used to study only 15 days before exam. Life used to be a hell and it was damn boring to slog through something I had no clue about. All this was happening to me and many of my friends who stood in merit & considered as scholars. What had changed? We were the same students, studying only before exams even in schools, but the content then was easy to handle compared to engineering, which was too much. All this was accompanied by lack of motivation to study especially aggravated by the arrogance of the youth, the interesting learnings about life from outside of studies, the poor way of teaching & difficult access to the content (No internet!). All this created a culture which made it unfashionable to study and kept us away from #EverydayLearning. But now, when I look back, I realize the important of #EverydayLearning. With technology, the learning can be simple, relevant, easily accessible and #Everyday. That is the main reason why more and more corporates are now following the #MicroLearning way! #MicroLearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. The learners are in control of what and when they are learning. Technology is a real saviour. Let us use it for #EverydayLearning in all spheres of life.

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