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Use of ‘Low Grade’ subjects in real life

use of low grade subjects in real life EQ vs IQ

Me : What did IIM give you?

Myself : A lot of confidence, network and good friends!

Me : and yes, tremendous amount of jargons! There are so many which many of the people outside are not even aware of.

Myself : While it was exciting as well as challenging to study those glamorous subjects such as Merger & Acquisition, Business Valuation, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics etc., we still in real life, most of the times, use boring subjects such as WAC – Written Analysis and Communication, CFL – Communication for Leaders, POID – Perspectives on Individual Dimensions, POGD – Perspectives on Group and Organizational dimensions. They were the most neglected courses. Nobody used to pay any attention to them. The former were extremely high on IQ and kind of released the dopamine in our brains (the main chemical of pleasure and desire). While the later were high on EQ but kind of ‘low grade’. When I left the college and joined the corporate life, I realized that we use the same so called ‘low grade’ subjects quite regularly. The ones with high IQ and glamour remain unused, irrelevant for most of us.

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