Me : Hey, Following the world cup? Why is India Winning and South Africa Loosing?

Myself : India has skills as well as motivation to perform and their behaviour is in line. South Africa might have skills but somehow that motivation and behaviour is lacking.

Me : It’s complex.

Myself : It is. We call it Culture to make it look simple. But building a culture is one of the most difficult things but the awesome thing about is, once it is done, it sets the ball rolling. Just like that!

The more I grow, the more I realize that it is the culture that differentiates an organisation from others, a nation from others, a family from others and even an individual from others.

What we see from outside is the outcome, the product or performance but the secret sauce deep inside, which is not seen, is the culture.

It is a real competitive advantage because no body sees at it and most importantly even if some see it, they just cannot copy it.

Each and everyone must focus on developing right culture within our minds, families, organization or the nation.

How do we do that?

The first step is focus on your people. Invest in them. Train them. Develop them. They make your culture.

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