Why Good Habits?

Me : You are the reason I don’t progress…

Myself : Why?

Me : I planned to go to Gym on 1st Jan but I could not follow it. Its May now and I lost my new year resolution in between.

Myself : Unfortunately, you are not alone. But my 2 cents, you could have done it provided you built it in your daily routine, made it a habit!

How many of us go to gym or do exercise every day? How many of us read everyday? Most of us don’t do it, because it does not give immediate pleasure or results. Even though our brains are developed, we hardly use them, simply because we don’t take rational decisions. We take ’emotional’ decisions. To break this is not natural and hence really difficult. It requires something which will help us drive subconsciously. Habits therefore come in picture here. They are vital because they go into our subconscious. They help us do something subconsciously and as they say bad habits are difficult to break, so are the good ones.

Consciously cultivate habits because habits unconsciously dictate your life.

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